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1. What is it?

We manage your inbound calls. You decide how the inbound calls to be handled depending on WHEN they call, WHO calls, HOW to process the call, WHAT to do with the calls, etc.

WHEN: which period the call should be handled (eg. 9am-6pm, mon-fri)

WHO: allowed callers, blacklisted callers, Blocked callerid, etc

WHAT: allow or reject the calls, divert to other parties (one by one or multiple), etc

HOW: record the conversation, divert to voicemail, etc

2. How it works?

- We provide a HK fixed or mobile number (no SIM card provided).

- you define the how inbound calls should be handled with rules.

- The caller dials number assigned to you. The call will be processed according to the rules defined

3. Features

  • Call recording - record the conversation of a call
  • Voicemail to email - send voicemail to one or more email addresses so that you could listen anywhere and anytime. The format is MP3
  • Schedule call forward/voicemail - forward the call to a mobile phone or voicemail based on time schedule you specified
  • 3 minutes greeting message
  • Schedule which greeting messages to play based on time schedule you specified
  • Call hunting - Predefine 3 mobile phone numbers. If the first one does not pick up the call, we will divert to second and third.
  • Multiple dialing - Predefine 3 mobile phone numbers. We will ring all 3 mobile phones. Conferening is not supported. Only either one could pick up the call
  • Download Voicemail and Call recording files via our website anytime and anywhere


Hong Kong: (852)23886700, China: (86)13229966221 QQ: 13229966221, Email: SMS/WhatsAppwhatsappWeChatwechatline: (852)98882844, Fax: (852)81037227, Web: Enquiry Form: Online Enquiry Form | Free Trial | Buy Now

Automated Service: Global Call/IDD: (852)81021303 Supercall: (852)82066260 Local Call/Voice2Email: (852)21329999

Head Office: Suite 2208, Tower II, Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, Admiralty
Support Office: Rm 1118, Asia Trade Centre, 79 Lei Muk Road, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong