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- block those calls without caller displayed

Youtube video

Call Filtering


- define which telephone numbers are allowed

Whitelist (group)

- you could assign a name to a set of

telephone numbers for easy remembering


define which telephone numbers are not allowed

Whitelist + Voicemail by Email:

whitelist is allowed.

others are diverted to voicemail.

- Blacklist + Voicemail by Email

Blacklist is diverted to voicemail.

Others are allowed.

Call Forwarding

Basic Call Forwarding:

When someone calls Accessyou3 hotline,

they are requested to enter your extension number.

The call is then forwarded to your mobile phone.

- Hunting:

You may define a list of mobile phone numbers for hunting.

If one is busy or no answer, the call is diverted to another mobile phone number one by one until the last one.

- Multiple Dialing:

You may define a list mobile phone numbers for receiving call at once.

When any one of them answers, all others are hung up immediately and automatically.

So, only one mobile phone could answer the call.

Conferencing is not supported

- Basic Call Forwarding with recording:

The conversation is recorded in to mp3 which could be downloaded later.

- Hunting with recording:

- Multiple Dialing with recording:



The recording voice message is sent to your email address as mp3.



You may define which mobile phones are allowed during which periods and what actions will be taken.

Download Voicemail / Call recording file

Download Voicemail / Call recording file



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